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Zoe the Rat - Biography by Tsupy
Zoe the Rat - Biography
I've already shown you this character.
But that was just a sketch, and I only said her name.

Now I officially present her:
Zoe the rat

This character was created by my friend :iconcjrocker: for me, in a period i was trying to think of a new character to create. Thank you a lot again bud! :3

Now, that's mine interpretation of his concept.
(Little note I've drawn this with the tablet)

Edit:  Bio

Zoe is a rat witch, currently she's 25 years old.
She might have inherited her innate skills from
one of her parents who abandoned her for unknown reasons.
She live her firsts years in an orphanage, where she starts immediately to develop her magical skills.
At her fifth years she get expelled after being seen levitating around her room with all the objects in it.
She lives like a thief wanders until her adolescence when, after being noticed by a magician, she get persuaded
to sign up for a school for wizards. But because of her lack of properly dedication on studying and totall absence
of discipline she get expelled before the end of the year.
Furious for being rejected again, Zoe, before leaving definitively the school, decided to steal a book of spells and a wand.
Thanks to the book she stolen, Zoe managed to learn several new techniques, but soon she abandoned the idea because
because of her inconstancy and she never been able to use the wand and since she reputed it too hard to use and
useless for her purpose she threw it into an alley where later would had found by Tsupy.
It was a normal night at the Jim Club.
A night like any other, endless and boring!
From time to time the silence was interrupted by new clients coming in.
The music always the same, Metal groups and Rap not even so good ones.
The clients, the usual debauchee.
Everything was normal at the Jim Club.

But that was something Tsupy wouldn't had noticed since he wasn't an usual client. He just came in the first bar he saw. He didn't even note she was pretty out of place. Also he couldn't surely know that night was going to be pretty different from the usuals at the Jim club.

Tsupy was sad…he couldn't help but thinking to her ex Cathy.
It would have been a year, he surely was getting better, but his heart still was damaged.

They had been together almost six months, then she left him for a stranger, a lifeguard to be precise.

A nice body, big muscles, nice appearance, Tsupy was not match for him. He lost and in an embarrassing way too. There was no love in their relation ship, or at least that was what he could see now. Cathy found Tsupy cute, that was good, but not enough. He wasn't a beef cake, like that damn lifeguard!

Tsupy was sick of those thoughts and he was sick of that bar, he was gonna leaving the table when a hand got close at his eyes, then he felt a smell of smoke.

"Hey Mouse! Do you feel lucky? Beat my hand and I'll pay that coca for you. Like you were my lady! If you lose you will have to do the gentleman and pay my Brendy?"

Tsupy's eyes met hers and he noticed she was a rat girl.
Light Blue hairs, violet eyes, taller than him, those were the firsts things he saw.

"Hey! What do you wanna do!

The little mouse instinctively started the game.

It didn't last much long, except for Tsupy, he lived every embarrassing second until his defeat.

It was so easy Zoe didn't want to get payed her drink by Tsupy, in add she payed the coca to him.

"Well I guess that really was you're lucky day at the end, i'm feeling like to be generous now..."

"Well t-thanks… I guess."

"…but how can you be so weak! I mean, I beat you in 5 seconds"

Tsupy felt the hot poison of shame on his cheeks.

"Well…strength is not my priority in my life, I have other interests…"

"Mmmh….good answer, but what are you doing here then? Don't you see this place and people here?"

Indeed she had a point, that bar was a mess, the majority of the people were big and robust.

"Those men…they surely have their brains on their butt, but muscles are in their exact place, that doesn't scare you?"

For no reason Tsupy started to think he didn't presented himself and he started to worrying about that more than the bad guys around him. I was wondering if he would had been able to find the right moment to ask her the name.
But at the moment he just answered:

" I don't see why I should be afraid, I was here just for a drink…"

"Hehe, you don't know how people can be cruel sometimes."

"I guess I really am lucky! Uhm…..B-but…what about you? Aren't you afraid of those people"

There was no malice on that question, and Zoe could see that clearly.

"Not at all! I use to frequent these kind of place…even worse!"

Tsupy started to feel uncomfortable with that conversation and all what he wanted was know here name, say good buy kindly and come back at home.

"You used that wand." Suddenly she said.


"I throw that away the last year and you found it, then you used it. I saw you that day. Then you used it…that makes me feel quite jealous"

"B-b-but how…?"

"Hehehe…don't be scared little mouse…i don't want that back…you can have it if you like it…You know…I've never been able to understand that wand…It wasn't made for me I guess…

Tsupy was stunned, he couldn't say a word! A lot of questions were around his mind.

"The name's Zoe…"

All in once he came back on himself and jumped from the chair.

"Squeeet!! Uhm…Hi! My name is Tsu….

Suddenly his pants literally fell at his ankles like someone was pulling them from the ground.

Zoe bursted in laughters seeing the poor mouse with his pose of presentation and with his tighty-whites completely exposed.

"EEEEEK!!! B-b-but how…."

"Hehehe…I don't need any wand to use my powers, Mr Tsupy!

He didn't even finished to say his name but she already knew it.
It was too much for Tsupy. He squeaked in fear and ran away with his pants still around his ankles!

Everybody laughed a lot at the Jim Club that night, and that was the only one news for the usual clients. The poor Tsupy was in the middle of the street when he heard something clearly between the laughters behind him.

"So long Tsupy, we will meet  again."

The end
Tsupy's Mis-advenuteres - Zoe the Rat
Picture made by :iconcjrocker: who allowed me using it.
The big version here! => Tsupy Meets Zoe By Tsupy-d9hryef by Tsupy
Thank you man! XP

Happy reading! :3

(And sorry for all the grammatical mistakes you could me finding them if you want so I'll be able to correct them! :3)
I hope you had, having a really nice one!
Squeeet! \^ w ^/
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Wubz Posing in a Mirror by Cjrocker

Not Bad! I love his pose, shadows are in their right place, except for some little spots here and there, but those are not really visib...

I hope you had, having a really nice one!
Squeeet! \^ w ^/
  • Listening to: New amazing music!
  • Reading: Nuthin'
  • Watching: The window.
  • Playing: Nuthin'
  • Eating: Cookies made by Bettina! :love:
  • Drinking: Water


Tsupy's Profile Picture
Undie Mouse
Hiya guys and ladies! My name is Tsupy.
I'm clumsy and goofy of nature, so i tend to have bud luck in whatever i do.
I love collecting cute underwear, especially boxers shorts, even if when when i get pantsed, wedgied and other exposure that made me look sillier. Gh! <//////<
Sometimes I do the magician using my magic wand which i found in the rubbish near a magician school. Maybe this is why really often it doesn't work properly.
Not everybody know I pretty able with the sword. I don't use to kill people with it, just i like cut their clothes revealing their underwear. Also, my sword is surely more effective than my wand in this case! Yep, I'm quite mischievous too! Gh! X3
That's all everybody! Have a nice life! :3

:heart: Bettina Fan Stamp by tinystalker :heart: <= My waifu forever!!

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